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Cabin Luggage

The current IATA maximum size for carry-on luggage is 56 cm x 25 cm x 45 cm overall. Some airlines impose lower limits, and all cabin luggage is taken on board at the discretion of the cabin crew. Many luggage manufacturers now produce a choice of trolley cases that meet both the IATA regulation and in some cases the more stringent requirements of the budget airlines.

Many luggage ranges also offer shoulder bags and totes that also meet the regulations.

Soft Sided Bags

Soft sided bags are normally lighter than the hard sided and also by their very nature allow some extra capacity through the material being able to bulge. Many ranges also offer expansion gussets that may offer up to 10% more capacity once released – do however, remember that with cabin luggage that expanding the bag may take you over the airline’s limit for hand luggage. Soft sided bags offer less protection to crushing compared to hard sided bags, and are more susceptible to being torn by sharp objects in the baggage handling areas.

Hard Sided Bags

Hard sided bags offer greater protection than soft sided, but being of a rigid construction do not allow for expansion.

Trolleys and Spinners

Trolley cases (or roller cases) have two wheels and a telescopic handle. They are easy to move once loaded. Spinners have 4 wheels, and whilst they also have extending handles they may easily be pushed along a smooth surface in a queue, or pulled along with the trolley handle.

TSA Locks

When travelling to the USA it is essential that your bag is fitted with TSA locks. All luggage is opened on arrival in the states, and if your bag is fitted with a TSA lock the agent is able to open it with his special key, inspect the contents and re-lock afterwards. If non-TSA locks are fitted they will be broken by the agent to allow inspection.


Following the convention used by the airlines, sizes quoted on our site (as supplied by the product manufacturers) are overall including handles, wheels etc. Should you need to know other dimensions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Unless otherwise stated, dimensions are for unexpanded cases when a bag is stated as expandable.


All the bags that we sell are covered by manufacturers’ guarantees against defects in manufacture. 
Guarantees DO NOT COVER damage suffered as a result of the baggage handlers. Always inspect you bags when they are returned to you, and in the unfortunate event that damage has occurred please immediately make your carrier aware – they have well established procedures in place to make good the loss suffered.

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